Class Rooms


the area for the most little ones at school. We adjust to the needs of your child, all have their own cot and sheets from home, the smell of home helps them in the adaptation-period. In the cots we allow a cuttle or toy from home, outside the cot we use ours, which are cleaned after each use to for come viruses to spread around.

We give milk-bottles but from the moment they start eating puree and compote, the milk is normally given at home. New flavours and food are introduced in cooperation with the parents.

A big box with 7m2 is one of the areas for play through the day. Even the smallest at ABC do enjoy activities during the whole day with a wide variation to develop all skills and areas and interest for their surroundings. Basic life skills are introduced and not to forget a joyful and positive ambience are offered.


In this class body control and learning to listen are the main goals. When a child starts to walk and becomes more independent they tend to listen less, freedom is calling!

We start to explore the world around them, we work body-movements and control to increase the control and to strengthen their bodies. Experiences of new tastes, structures etc, art and craft, singing and dancing, music makes us happy!

English is introduced in a fun and exciting way we don’t translate but simply change language and the show goes on. The most natural way works always the best!


We start using chairs and tables but just for 10 minutes. We are increasing the level of English and all other activities. We have a basic planning that is adjusted on a weekly base in the whole school, to assure us we always are using new ways and that our teachers are well prepared for each class. The teachers do change classes with each teaching block, like this the children don’t get attached but inspired by their teachers. They also develop a mental flexibility which is important in life; go with the flow, the only thing we can control are ourselves…!


Starting with the curriculum in Spanish and English, but we make it fun! Also, this class enjoys the big patio outside for the outdoor moments.


Wake and shake up! Jolly Phonics is introduced, numbers more and more, we even learn to read small sentences. We start to go deeper in all our educative systems like six-bricks, Montessori and our ABC Workbooks and Learning Folders.

We often have class outside on the big patio in the shade surrounded by green areas and nature.

Studies have defined that outdoors teaching is highly effective, students are more involved and are more concentrated, nature relaxes their senses and absorbing the educational information provided by our teachers, is way easier for all of them!


New emotions are waking up, they start to see the world differently but they need to be guided through their emotions and all their new interests. In this period the children are very vulnerable for the outside world which they don’t understand completely. A healthy, respectful and positive environment will help them to understand and react on a good way to these new challenges.

In this class is where the Cherry goes on the Cream! This last year is of major importance to ensure a balanced child with good and healthy behaviour and understanding from the inner and outer world.

Also this year is extremely important to interiorize all curriculums and make it easy, fun and natural! All students who start in Primary have partly covered the curriculum for the first year, which gives them security on the social challenges of Primary School.