Healthy fresh food: To grow well in mind and body we need good nutrition on a daily base. ABC Playschool offers healthy home cooked food!

We start the day with breakfast until 8.30 with cereal cheese/turkey sandwiches and water we do supply every hour to our students.

A snack (Maria cookie) is given with water during the morning.

Our warm lunch is prepared at vapour (potatoes and vegetables (fresh or deep frozen) while the protein (white fish Merluza, turkey beef (healthier than chicken), or beef each 2 weeks) all come from the oven, meanwhile the lentils and chickpeas are prepared on vapour. We do not use salt in our cooking but we do add to some dishes a bit of garlic or onions to give extra flavour. The dessert is a yogurt from Kalise with fruit taste, natural or without milk.

The afternoon lunch consists of fresh fruit (apple, banana and pear = safe fruit) in pieces or for the little ones puree, all daily prepared.

Second plate of the lunch is cereal sandwiches with cheese or turkey.

We adjust to special requirements for your child’s health.

Health inspections we have on a monthly base by a private health company which is stricter than the state health inspector.

A monthly check up from: the food manipulation, cleaning and a food-sample goes to the lab to ensure all is in highly good condition. The state health inspector visits us twice a year, and like every time we do more than good. We like to sleep well at night, so do you!