Holistic Approach

Inner-child and ethics:

The children are the future and too many are not in inner-balance or do dislike school, work etc. If we can teach them to be proud at their achievements, to believe in – and to understand themselves and others. By giving them the right tools for developing and understanding their inner- and outer world, life will be more understandable and bliss for them.

We start with basic ethics, the way we learn to respect ourselves and all around us. Self-esteem, a positive discipline, respect, learning to say sorry or to forgive, all is for the benefit of each child.

At ABC we have a positive and respectful environment to assure that the children grow up with a good mind-set. We stimulate the children to look to the positive side, to work and live from the heart which gives a much more fulfilling life. A fancy toy won´t give you a hug when you feel bad.

During all stages we improve and work on these important areas, we teach for wholeness!

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