Hygiene Routines

Diapers, potty training and siesta sleep:

Programmed diaper-changing each hour or on demand. Our assistants enter the class while the activity goes on, each child is changed meanwhile the show goes on. Which means no waiting, no boringness and more quality for the children. Our staff uses gloves and masks with each changing for the wellbeing and health of the team as for the children.

For the Potty Training we use a special protocol, please ask your child’s educator for the form.

Hygiene is very important for ABC Playschool. While changing diapers or dealing with toilet services all staff is using hand-gloves and mouth-masks.

Tierra classroom is used for siesta too, special infant beds with breathing materials and easy to clean. The sheet comes from home and has the smell of a safe place. The siesta time reduces by age. Always supervised by our team.

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