Our Standards

We offer child education from 4 months old to the age of 6. Our Nursery and Pre-School is designed to assure high quality in all areas for your child.

  • Native speaking teachers are here for all languages including German, English and Spanish, so your child obtains the correct accent and learns to understand the speech patterns of each language.
  • We use alternative teaching methods all around the school, for example the highly respected Montessori hands on approach to learning is used daily. Children are natural learners and only need motivation and encouragement to develop themselves. At ABC Playschool we teach through hands on activities and play.
  • Ethics, values and norms are part of the daily program.
  • We don’t like to talk about pushing a child, instead we prefer to challenge a child. Each child is able to learn but at ABC they learn with interest and are motivated, not pushed by their teachers, we have found this to be the best way for children to retain information.  At ABC we believe song, theater and play all develop the childs natural learning abilities.

All our Educators are highly trained and experienced, often with several different degrees in the early years of child care education.

Food: ABC Playschool we have our own kitchen and we prepare all our food on a healthy base for your child. We offer until 8.30am a light sandwich breakfast, during the morning the children have a biscuit snack with water. lunch is rich in vegetables, potatoes and (white) fish, chicken, lentils, chickpeas or meat. All food is prepared and cooked with bottled water to guarantee a healthy meal. For dessert we have yogurt from Kalise and the afternoon lunch provides fruit and cereal sandwiches. Throughout the day we have small breaks in which we offer water to drink for the children to create and guarantee healthy habits.