Inscription Fee:

Includes school materials, agenda and insurance : 200€ a year (None refundable)

Monthly Fee:

Monday – Friday incl. breakfast, snack, lunch and afternoon tea. : 350€ a month

2nd child : 300€ a month

1 day: : 30€ a day

1 week : 125€ a week

1 month : 400€ a month

In the case of you leaving the school within that year the Inscription fee for that year is none refundable.

We have limited places available, to be sure we have a place for your child, it is necessary to make a reservation. The reservation will be accepted once you have transferred by bank or fulfilled in our office the inscription fee and the fee of the first month. Please write your child’s full name and date of birth on the form provided, and inform us about your contact details and the day you wish your child to start.