Teachings Methods

Full Spanish and British Curriculums:

ABC´s approach is completely different. Children are Natural Learners, respecting their interest, offering the information in many different ways, gives them the right formula to learn and grow with a positive mindset.

Traditional schooling offers the information in one way, which often isn’t clear enough for most of the children.

At ABC we use many different ways and tools, so each child is able to learn in his own natural way. At ABC Playschool the children do really understand the maths, language etc. because we teach, work, play, discover, manipulate, explore and much more with every concept.

Hands-on is essential for the children; many learn to interiorize by touching and manipulating. We don’t believe your child will be better in Maths or Language, it´s simply the different approach they need because we´re not all the same. That little extra in ABC´s teaching make the children fly.

To learn in life, we need one basic thing; interest. Our teachers do teach from the heart, making good contact with your child because the first step is to connect. Then we make the information interesting for them so they can achieve all they need.

Indeed, our teachers/educators do work hard at our school, but we think the children are more than worth this extra effort!

The last stage in our school (5-6years), the child develops a really good inner-balance at ABC, very important to succeed in life, to grow in full balance, is essential for a healthy, successful and happy life. During the years we have seen many testimonies about our students. Those whom have completed the full cycle become top students and with steady, positive and happy attitudes to school work.

The transition to other schools at 6yrs is easy for our students. We make learning fun and exciting by respecting the children and always looking for new ways to improve our educational system, ABC Students do enter more than well any Spanish, British or International School.

Our students are farther developed than others because we teach for Each Child.


We use at ABC the Montessori concept and curriculum. All work is done on a tray so children learn to work “clean” and to have oversight. All Montessori related activities are designed for a deeper meaning, meanwhile the children simply love it and don’t see it as curriculum work but more as a reward after working in our ABC Workbooks. The concept Montessori is much wider than the traditional curriculums and give the children the chance to develop and train skills needed for the future in a fun and child-friendly way.

Six Bricks:

A complete new concept and ABC Playschool is pioneer in Spain, as always looking for the best educational programs. A marvellous exciting and hands-on learning program adjustable for all age groups in ABC. Maths, language, team-activities, self-improvement, problem-solving, creative thinking etc.

Fun and learning: hand-in-hand, brick-by-brick.

Jolly Phonics:

Teaches English with nice brief songs and the correct way of pronunciation. This child friendly system shows what and how to use the letters. Soon the children know how to decode short words and how to read easy sentences.


Another fun and clear way to discover the numbers and mathematics. A colourful hands-on-activity which shows with visualization the use and sense of numbers, colours and shapes in maths.

Learning Folders:

In difference with the classic worksheets this system is manipulated by the children. It makes the students more interested and willing to work. The teachers can individualize the content and give more specified help and attention to the children.

Theme Room:

This room changes theme each month and offers a different ambience where the children can express with roll-play, theatre, crafts, creative projects, explorations and much more. The bigger students participate in Social Studies and Science in the Theme Room, the monthly created ambience is inviting and helps them to enjoy and absorb all the interesting information.


Another method to visualize numbers and mathematics, these activities are brief which helps the students to focus and understand every step.

Initiation to Write and to Read:

We work in small groups or one-on-one, each child is different and need another approach to learn new items. The base of all assignments is until the age of six, at ABC Playschool we strongly believe each child has abilities for each area we teach, they just sometimes need a different approach. In difference with the traditional schooling, we look for other ways to learn so each child can develop completely!

Body development:

learning to crawl, walk, balance and body-control are the basic skills for each child. These early years they should learn all physical movements and how to control their bodies. At ABC we offer a wide variation of sports and games on a daily base.

We start the day with yoga for kids! A wonderful way to wake up well, stretch our bodies, to develop the contact with their bodies and to offer the first tools to inner well-being and mindfulness.

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