Welcome to ABC Playschool!

We are a “Colegio Infantil” Nursery and preschool with age groups from 0 till 6 years. All our teachers are highly educated to ensure the highest and best quality for your child. The Infant-period from 0 till 6 years is a very important phase and plays an important role in laying a firm foundation for your child.

In these early years we do create a healthy perception and attitude to our ideas and programming. We look around what works for others and take in these habits like a base programming for our lives. That’s why in these years, more than ever, it´s so necessary to grow in a healthy, respectful, friendly and positive environment, and that’s exactly what we offer at ABC Playschool.

The little ones are attended in spacious and different areas of the school. Often, we change the children from one classroom to the inner patio or to the theme room, to ensure they´re not the whole day in one room playing, eating and sleeping. Changing environments is very important for their well development and happiness. Exploring new items, textures and experiences is the main goal. Joy for life is what they all have and we offer daily many different kinds of activities, stimulating the lower or higher energies, concentration, exploring the unknown, drama, music, crafts and many other techniques. We work in short blocks to guarantee all children are interested and challenged all the time.

We work one-on-one with the introduction of Maths, Reading, Writing, etc.

Because each child is different, we teach each child at their pace all they need for the future. We form and cover the pillars of their early life, with patience, care and love, adjusting to each child where needed. Like this we can assure the full development in each area and our students just love it!

All children come in daily running with big smile to school, often they wake up their parents in the weekends to bring them to ABC or don’t want to leave when parents come to pick them up. This all shows us we´re on the right path, educating and developing this wonderful new generation.

ABC Playschool educates healthy, strong, open-minded, joyful, positive and respectful little people!

We invest in the future; we invest in our children!

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